In-Person and Online
Opens Summer 2021


Hi, I'm Rebecca!

After teaching violin at The Kingsway Conservatory, I opened Upper Beaches Music School in East Toronto.  In addition to having three kids of my own, I lead my school of 20 teachers and 400 students.

Families need stability more than ever.  We've adapted to online lessons and have developed our space to be safe for in-person lessons when restrictions allow for it.

With changes to the musical landscape in West Toronto, we're growing to provide a safe space for teachers and students to continue the tradition of making beautiful music.

You probably have lots of questions! We've made this short list of FAQ's to help you make the right decision for your family. 

Where will the new school be located?


We're still finalizing the location, but we can reveal that it will be on Bloor Street West between Runnymede and Prince Edward.

Will lessons be in-person or online?

Online lessons will likely continue throughout the summer.  We hope to resume in-person lessons in September with safety protocols like screening, masking, and plexiglass to separate students and teachers.  Online lessons will still be an option when in-person lessons begin.

Screenshot 2021-04-11 2.51.45 PM.png

What will the new school be called?

We are working on re-branding that will be inclusive of our multi-neighbourhood presence.  Stay tuned for the exciting reveal!

How much will lessons cost?

The pricing schedule will be posted on April 25, 2021.  Check this page for the update. Pricing and policies will be comparable to KCM.

Who will the teachers be?

Many KCM teachers will be making our new west end school their teaching home.  Others are having conversations with students to determine the best solution for everyone.  Talk to your child's teacher to learn about their specific decisions.

How do we register?

Once we've secured the location and received confirmation from teachers, we will send out registration information to families who are interested in registering for lessons and groups. Registration will open in mid-May for summer and fall.

You've worked hard to sustain music lessons for your family.

We'll help you keep the music going.

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