The Best Thing Kids Learn From Music Lessons

February 10, 2018

Every time the Olympics roll around, my family and I love to watch the opening ceremonies. Each time, my husband will remark, "The Olympics are the greatest contributor to world peace." We smile and feel warm and fuzzy at the thought of so many people enjoying a single event. It's difficult to think of anything else that brings together so many different countries, races, religions, and political views. It's a marvelous spectacle.


And then I think, music has been connecting people for years.  Centuries, really. Millennia.  Heck, music is even doing that at the Olympics themselves. That swell of pride you feel when you hear your country's anthem? That's the effect of music. The anthem reminds you that you are connected to something larger than yourself. Music helps us to identify and strengthen communities.


Consider this quote: "Theorists in community music therapy discourse argue that music is an active social phenomenon that can be used to help create flourishing communities in