How to Practice to Get the Most From a Music Lesson

April 20, 2017

We spend a lot of time at Upper Beaches Music School talking about the importance of practicing.  "Practice at least 5 days a week," we say.  "Practice this line 4 times every day. Practice just this bar at least 10 times each day this week," I told one of my students earlier this week.  This is good advice.  But this is highly prescriptive practicing, and it might only be what's necessary for the next few days.  How can you tailor your practice sessions with your child so that you get see the maximum improvement before the next lesson?


If you are practicing with your young child (which you should be, if you are adhering to the Suzuki Method, or your child under the age of about 10), part of the purpose is to help your child break down their practice time in to manageable chunks so that they can see improvement. This isn't always easy or fun (read our posts on "Practicing With My Three Year Old" and "