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Grow your dream and create financial stability.


Be ready for anything in 2021.

For musicians, 2020 was a financially devastating year.


So many of us saw all of our gigs dry up.


Now, we are looking at another uncertain year in the performance industry.

It's time to turn your side hustle into your bread and butter.

Join me for an online workshop on Thursday, December 10 at 12PM EST

In this online, 90-minute workshop, you'll learn how to:

Silence your inner critic and step into your musical calling

Grow your side hustle and earn more money

Find the people who want and need what you're offering

Add the ONE thing your website must have in order to make money

Q & A where we get specific about your unique goals

Secure your spot for $19 CAD!

Your dreams have been sidelined for years.

Learn how to turn them into a reality that actually makes you money.

About Me:

Hi, I'm Rebecca.

As a classically trained violinist, I thought my calling was to perform.  But when my home teaching studio started to grow, I felt pulled in a new direction.  In just 5 years,  I've built a 400- student music school from what started as a tiny teaching studio in my home. 

Now it's my mission to help musicians like you make money from the thing that really lights you up.


Your side hustle is waiting for you to turn up the heat. We can do this together!

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